Friday, October 26, 2007


1991- April 4th 1991 born in Strongsville Ohio.
1991- When I was 1 I to have surgery and had to get tubes in my ears.
1992- 1st birthday
1995- I went to Disney World.
1998- I broke my first bone trying to do a flip on my couch.
1999- I went to HIlton Head.
2000- I went to Niagra Falls.
2001- On the first day of school in 5th grade I broke my wrist jumping of the swings.
2001 - I broke my ankle.
2006 and 2007- I wento appalchia on a mission trip.

Autobiographic Incident Narrative

The Cottage

One of the most memorable places that I have gone in my life was the cottage. My Great Grandfather built the cottage in Canada on the shores of Lake Erie. After he died it was passed down to my Grandpa and My Aunt Louis and Uncle Gerry.
As long as I can remember I would go there every summer for a week or two and I would have the best time. The cottage was right on the lake so we would go swimming all the time. We had some of our best times jumping off the dock and into the water. Right next to the dock was the boathouse. It held two canoes and a motor boat. My Uncle Gerry and I would go fishing in the motor boat everyday. My cousin Dave and I would canoe around the lake and go by the huge island in the middle of the lake. We would play football and baseball in the huge grass area in front of the cottage. Inside the cottage there were four bedrooms a living room and a kitchen. In the living room there was the big stone fireplace with the head of Butch the deer mounted on top.
The cottage was the best place to go and left me with so many memories. We ended up having to sell it because no one could take care of it anymore. I miss going there so much and I wish I could go back there one more time.

Credo or Epitaph

Matt McKinney's Credo
* Always make the best of things.
* Laugh at your own mistakes.
* Make a joke out of a serious situation.
* Always have fun.
* Don't hold grudges.
* Don't worry about the little things
* Always suck up to the teacher for a good grade (Mrs. Lackeys the best).
* Don't be in a rush to grow up, be a little kid as long as possible.
* Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.
* If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down.

Where I'm From


I am from computers
from itunes and cds.
I am from the clean.
bright, shiny, it smells like lemons.
I am from the trees,
the oak
whose braches I remeber climbing.
I am from trips and heights,
from Linda and Robert.
I'm from the bossiness and controlers,
From Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.
I'm from Lutheren bible versus.
I'm from Ohio and Germany,
pizza and tacos.
From the falling down the stairs and the laughter.
The pictures inside the living room cabinets.

General Information

Thursday, April 4, 1991
Minimum temperature reported during the day.
Mean temperature for the day.
Maximum temperature reported during the day.

Mean wind speed for the day.
Maximum sustained wind speed reported.

·Phases of the Moon- April 4th, 2008 there will be a new moon

·Holidays- April Fools Day

Glossary of Slang

1. spork
-an eating utensil that is both a spoon and a fork
-to insert a spork into something.
ex. Someone sporked my lawn last night.
2. sasser
-to trick a person into doing something that like a good idea but will end in disaster.
ex. Be careful you don't get Sassered
3. dank
very good, excellent; COOL.
4. ducats
ex.Hey man, you got any ducats I can borrow?
5. Garfunkel
-the more outgoing person in a pair. Origin: refers to folk- rock 1960s duo Simon and Garfunkel. Art Garfunkel, who did not write or play an instrument, arguably was the better singer of the two. He was also more personable/talkative. In a way, the "sidekick" of Simon. See also Simon.
ex.He's the Garfunkel in that relationship.
6. funky monkey
-a funky person.
ex.That dude is a funky monkey
7. fugly
-extremely unattractive. Origin: term is an contraction of "fucking ugly."
ex.Man, she's not just ugly, she's fugly.
8.quick outie
-a person who leaves quickly when something bad is about to happen.
ex.The new boy was a quick outie.
9. hodger
-a guest who eats all of the host's food and drinks all of the host's drinks.
ex.I can't believe that hodger ate all the cookies and drank all of the milk!

Strongsville Local Lore

Bonnie Park

When I think of an essential place in Strongsville that represents our town I think of Bonnie Park. It is the place where we have our annual family reunion, a place where people have picnics and can play around in the fields. This is where I came everyday after school when I ran two years of cross-country in middle school. When I ran through the woods looking all around at the trees and flowers and seeing wildlife made me realize how great Bonnie Park really is. The emerald necklace runs through the park and gives many people a place to come ride their bikes, roller blade, or run. They have grills and water fountains there making it possible to have barbecues and tons of fun. I think this represents the character and essential nature of our town very well. Bonnie Park is an all around great place to go to.