Friday, October 26, 2007

Strongsville Local Lore

Bonnie Park

When I think of an essential place in Strongsville that represents our town I think of Bonnie Park. It is the place where we have our annual family reunion, a place where people have picnics and can play around in the fields. This is where I came everyday after school when I ran two years of cross-country in middle school. When I ran through the woods looking all around at the trees and flowers and seeing wildlife made me realize how great Bonnie Park really is. The emerald necklace runs through the park and gives many people a place to come ride their bikes, roller blade, or run. They have grills and water fountains there making it possible to have barbecues and tons of fun. I think this represents the character and essential nature of our town very well. Bonnie Park is an all around great place to go to.

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